Source control for normal people

NiceGit is the simpler, faster way for teams to share and track their files.


How can I work faster and spend more time on what matters?

NiceGit provides a simple workflow that makes working on shared files easy. Based around a real-time feed, you'll see what your colleagues are working on right now, not just what they've already finished.


Everything you need, nothing you don't

More than just an app, NiceGit is a complete workflow. By always understanding which files people are working on, NiceGit has no need for complex, hard to use concepts such as branching and merging. When you're ready to share your latest work, just hit the Share button, it really is that simple!

As its name suggests, NiceGit builds on the awesome power of Git. Integration with your existing projects and tools is seamless and all Git hosting providers are supported, including GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab.

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Source control that puts the user first

A clean, simple interface designed around the common things that you and your team do all day, every day. Your current changes, a complete project history, and the latest status of everyone on the team, are all there on a single screen. Just one button is all you need to stay in sync.


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By signing up for the Beta program you'll get free insider access to early releases.

We'd love to hear your feedback but there's no obligation and we won't contact you for any other reason than to let you know when NiceGit releases are available.